Wuxi QT-QualiTech Press Machine Factory 

Add.: No.18, Tianli Road, Luqu Industry Zone, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C
Tel.: +86-18761531906
Fax: +86-510-83051006

Why Us

QualiTech is a splendid hot platen press supplier in China, and it is never too late to choose us. Our advantages can be illustrated in several aspects as following.

1. We have one well-skilled foreign trade manager, one technical manager and three foreign trade salesmen who are all capable of English communication. Thus, the foreign clients could discuss with us about business consultation, commercial cooperation and technical issue in a smooth way.

2. Before the order is made, our staff are willing to offer assistance in model selection and provide technical support free of charge, while our engineers could carry out field investigation so as to propose a plan that best fits the actual application. The drawings and relevant data about layout, foundation and processing flow are all provided for free.

3. When it comes to after-sales service, we will offer guidance for installation and testing free of charge. On the other hand, we will visit the clients occasionally in order to know the working condition of our product in time. The user’s information is kept permanently, while expendable parts and other accessories are provided timely to facilitate the production. Additionally, customers could acquire maintenance guide without paying any money.

1. The steel is manufactured by Jiangsu Shagang Group, and some professionals are responsible for the incoming test to make sure that all the raw materials are in accordance with the production standard.

2. All the machines and corresponding attachments are designed and developed on our own, and our technical team is in charge of the entire production flow, from material cutting to final assembly.

3. There are specialized quality inspectors for every manufacturing step, and the unqualified semi-products are stopped from further processing. The duty officer who is in charge of the production step will be informed of any existing problem in time.

4. The strict ex-factory inspection guarantees that every single piece of our equipment is qualified.

1. Complete supporting facilities around us helps to cut down the production cost.
a. Steel
As mentioned before, the steel used to fabricate our machine is provided by Shagang Group which is a top-level steel supplier in China. Due to our years of cooperation, the steel price is relatively lower.

b. Hydraulic Cylinder
The most renowned production base of hydraulic cylinder in China is in Hudai Town, Wuxi, and we are just next to this town. So, the hydraulic cylinder possesses reliable quality, and the transportation cost is also significantly reduced.

c. Hot Platen
The best domestic hot platen manufacturing plant lies in Kunshan City, which is only about 200 kilometers away from us. Moreover, some manufacturers in Wuxi are also designated as our suppliers. So, the transportation cost is almost negligible, but the quality is quite assuring.

d. Machining
The machining steps, such as milling, boring, planing and others, are very important for any machine. There are many steps in fabricating our short cycle hot press machine, and a great deal of money will be paid on the machining equipment and corresponding work staff if all the steps are conducted in our factory. For us, there are various kinds of small and medium sized machining plants around our factory, and they are capable of precise machining. This is a much more economical choice to cut down the entire production cost.

2. Convenient transportation saves a lot of transportation cost.
Our factory, located in Wuxi, is only 2.5 hours’ drive from Shanghai, and it takes only 50 minutes to reach Shanghai by intercity high-speed railway. So, it is very easy for foreign guests to come to our factory.

On the other hand, only a little money is required when delivering our equipment to the Port of Shanghai because we are very close to the port. As a result, our product is cheaper, generating a high price/performance ratio.