Wuxi QT-QualiTech Press Machine Factory 

Add.: No.18, Tianli Road, Luqu Industry Zone, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C
Tel.: +86-18761531906
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Now, we have nearly 40 employees in total. The technology team, marketing team and manufacturing team contain 6, 6 and 25 people, respectively. Due to ever-growing market demand, we are recruiting more and more talents.

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From material cutting to final packaging, 80 percent of the steps are implemented in our workshop. Inside the workshop, there are many pieces of equipment specialized for different purposes, such as welding, cutting, polishing, painting, detection, etc.

Inspection Equipment
  • Front-line Workers
  • Front-line Workers

  • Front-line Workers
  • Front-line Workers

  • Spirit level: Check the levelness of worktables.
  • L-square: Check the perpendicularity.
  • Feeler gauge: Measure the closure width.
  • Digital indicator: Measure the gap.
  • Vernier caliper: Detect the dimensions of different components.
Production Equipment
  • Flame Cutting Machine
  • Flame Cutting Machine
  • CNC flame cutting machine: For the production of various metal parts.
  • Drilling machine: To drill holes on the components.

  • Electric welding machine: Use the most advanced gas shielded welding technology to connect components.
  • Shaper: To improve surface evenness of components through external machining.

  • Gantry planer: An external machining device to enhance the flatness of hot press.
  • Lathe: A piece of external machining equipment for spindle units.
  • Milling machine: An external machining device for T slots and dovetail slots.
  • WEDM: To precisely machine occlusive components.

Our short cycle hot press is a kind of heavy-duty machine with frame structure. Before delivery, it must be placed in containers strictly following relevant rules, and the entire packing process is monitored by some professionals.

1. The machine body is fastened by steel wire rope whose diameter is 16mm, while all the movable components are fixed by fumigated wooden pallets. In this way, all the parts inside the container will be will keep still.

2. The goods inside the container must be in accordance with the shipping list. The item name and number shall be written on a label, and the label is pasted onto a distinct position of corresponding item.

3. If the components are small or in a large quantity, they should be packed inside wooden boxes to avoid missing. Moreover, the machine frame is covered by plastic films to protect the equipment from corrosion by sea water.

4. As for hot platens, cushion pads and stainless steel press plates, they are packed by specialized steel frame and plywood. This not only protects them from collision, but also facilitates loading and unloading operations.