Wuxi QT-QualiTech Press Machine Factory 

Add.: No.18, Tianli Road, Luqu Industry Zone, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C
Tel.: +86-18761531906
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Development History

QT Press Machine Factory was inaugurated in this very year, and the first generation small-tonnage single side hot press machine for furniture board was successfully manufactured.

We fabricated the first set of double side hot press machine for furniture board in our factory, and technical upgrade for the single type was perfectly launched. Moreover, we set up well organized teams responsible for design, production and after-sales service, respectively.

Furniture with deeper surface texture was very popular on the market. Accordingly, we developed large-tonnage hot press. In the same year, we cooperated with foreign trade companies to sell our products to Thailand and Vietnam, making us one of earliest manufacturing enterprises that started overseas business.

After years of technical research, we successfully manufactured the first generation single-layer hot press for door skin, and this product was outfitted with four guide columns.

The first generation molding press for plastic filter plate was available on the market, and it was equipped with sliding rail. Shortly after that, our molding press for wood pallet was developed.

The second generation multi-layer hot press for door skin was released to the market, and it was characterized by sliding ram and synchronous closing mechanism. Then, the first small-tonnage multi-layer hot press for aluminum honeycomb panel was constructed in our workshop.

To further meet the customers’ requirements, we designed and produced the automatic laminating line, and we built up foreign trade team to start independent overseas business.

QT Press Machine Factory took part in a foreign exhibition for the first time, and our products were highly praised. Due to the ever-growing market demand, our workshop was enlarged again, and our own foreign trade company, Wuxi Delim International Co., Ltd., was established.

Delim International is exploring world market now, and we have paid a short visit to many clients in India, Iran and Dubai to carry out market survey.