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Sales Case

In March 2013, we made a great breakthrough in the world market as our first complete production line was put into production in Canada. It took about 6 months for the entire flow, from initial contact between us to final use of our product. During this period, all the departments cooperated whole heartedly to achieve the best result. Here are some details about this project.

1. Trouble-less Contact
The Canadian customers used the Internet to know some basic knowledge about QT Press Machine Factory, and then their representative contacted with our foreign trade department through fixed telephone.

For most of the manufacturing enterprises, not all the office staff are able to communicate with foreign customers frequently. However, our clerks receive a basic but effective training course on English conversation, so almost everyone in the office is capable of simple English communication. This ensures that all the clients will be shorted redirected to our professional foreign trade department.

2. Company Visit
The Canadian customers knew something about who we are and what we can offer through the abovementioned telephone communication. But, they decided to pay an on-site visit to know more about us. Considering their inconvenience, we provided an all-around guide book to help them reach our factory effortlessly.

The visit guide is especially prepared for customers who come to China for the first time, and it is written in English and Chinese. It combines pictures and words to tell customers how to get to our factory in Wuxi, and other help is also available at any time of the day.

3. Detail Discussion
Our short cycle hot press is a heavy-duty machine, and it deserves serious attention for both of us. We two sides discussed about the equipment, drawings and other details for many times to make sure that all the customer’s requirements were fully satisfied. For example, we took the local condition into consideration to make some humanized designs into the production line, thereby realizing smaller footprint, fewer required working staff, assuring quality inspection for finished boards, etc. Before arriving in China, we had already negotiated with each other for several times and made basic confirmation. So, the Canadian guests were quite satisfied with our equipment when they came to our workshop.

Our technical engineers have decades of design experience in this field, and they are always trying to save the production cost while improving the productivity. Every single piece of our equipment is not only a product, but is also a combination of intelligence of QT Press Machine Factory and our customer.

4. Successful Testing
It only took 15 days to finish the testing process, and the finished furniture board was proved to be of great quality.

In order to facilitate the installation step, all the components were pasted with labels revealing part name and number. This brought great convenience in checking the shipping list and stacking the components.

This production line means a lot for both of us, and this can be seen in different aspects.

1. Our equipment perfectly demonstrates what an automatic production line should be, and it cuts down the labor cost because it only needs a few operators. The entire production flow includes board pushing, brushing, infeeding, outfeeding, trimming and stacking, and these operations are completely automatically implemented. Additionally, our product allows smooth running, and it saves space to the largest extent.

2. This is our first time to design and make the control system for a production line. So, our engineer pays great attention to every step, and it takes almost one month to finish the programming process. But this is very necessary, because if there are bugs, some undesired problems may take place during installation. As a result of our meticulous working attitude and powerful technical strength, the installation and testing process of the production line are conducted in a trouble-less way, perfectly maintaining the economical benefit of our company and the client.

3. It is relatively difficult to make our way into the European and American market. However, we deeply believe that if we can think as a customer and act to meet the customer’s requirements, our equipment will be very competitive on the global market. This sales case is a perfect example.

4. For the customers, price is important. But, what they are more concerned of is whether our equipment and service could create handsome economical return.

The short cycle hot press is quite a mature product in China, and there are fewer and fewer changes now. But the overseas market lets us know that innovation always brings opportunity to an enterprise. New ideas lead to new designs, and this will make our product more and more popular on the market.