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Selection Guide

1. Is the hot press suitable for my factory?
Please make sure that your product is laminate flooring, decorative melamine board, or moulded melamine door skins.

2. How much working pressure shall the hot press offer?
This depends on the density of wood board and the depth of surface texture.
a. For common glossy, matt or suede mat board, 900~1200T is enough.
b. For low embossed texture, 1200~1600T will be fine.
c. For deep embossed texture, 1400~2000T is necessary.
d. For V-groove, the working pressure shall be over 2400T.

3. I have heard of single side and double side hot press. What are they and what are the differences?
A single side hot press laminate paper or other materials onto one side of the substrate at one time, and it suits for furniture boards, especially thin boards. However, it is applicable for double side laminated board as well, because the other side of the board could be processed through another pressing operation.

The double side type is able to press two sides of the board at the same time, thus greatly improving the production efficiency. It is commonly used to manufacture laminate flooring.

4. Do I need a single-layer hot press or a multi-layer hot press?
The closing time for single-layer type is short, while it is relatively longer for the multi-layer type. You should select hot press according to your manufacturing technique. For furniture board or flooring, the single-layer type is better. For door skin, the multi-layer type is more practical.

On the other hand, the single-layer type is cheaper, and it can be incorporated into a production line more easily. Usually, board infeed and outfeed conveyors are not equipped to the multi-layer type, because they are pretty expensive.

5. Is my product of standard size?
The standard size refers to 4×8 feet, 6×8 feet, 6×9 feet, 7×9 feet and 6×12 feet. Other dimensions are not standard.

6. For laminate board production, how much area shall my factory take up?
The pressing machine needs a 1000-square meter-large place for installation at least, and extra room is required to stack boilers and end products.

7. Is a hot press enough for production? If not, what kinds of devices do I need?
Obviously, a single set of hot press is not capable of the entire production process. Other attachments include boiler, forklift, hydraulic oil, thermal oil, cushion pad, stainless steel press plate, etc.

8. How long will it take to make a hot press?
The production cycle depends on machine configuration, ordered quantity and our production schedule. For semi-automatic hot press, it is usually within 25~35 days, while 35~45 days are necessary in busy season.

9. What kind of container is suitable for delivery?
The machine frame shall be loaded into a special container, such as open-top container or flat rack container. Then, one or more common containers are used to store other devices. You should decide the type and quantity of applied container according to machine configuration, and we will send a loading plan and a shipping list to you one week before delivery for your reference.

10. Could you tell me something about the production efficiency of QT hot press?
Our hot press is able to process 1200~1500 pieces of wood boards every day, and this variation is resulted from the dwell time which may be changed according specific application.

11. How long is the expectable life of QT hot platen press?
After decades of development, the hot press manufacturing industry is very mature in China, and design defects are rarely seen now. The service life of our hot press is characteristically decided by the end user because proper usage, timely maintenance and other factors are very important for any machine.

12. Why does your hot platen press have a high price/performance ratio?
a. For the same production cost, our product is of better quality.
The raw materials undergo strict inspection before use, and quality test is carried out for every production step. Moreover, for the front-line workers, their earnings are closely related to their working performance, while a 24-hour (or more) pilot run at full load is implemented for every hot press before delivery. Owing to these measures, high product quality is ensured.

b. For the same quality, our product is cheaper.
We have made agreements with our raw material suppliers, so the procurement cost is reduced. Around our factory, there are complete supporting facilities which could cut down the transportation cost. In addition, it takes a short time to get to the port, thus requiring less money for shipping.

c. For the same quality and price, we could provide more attentive service.
Our working staff have an average age of 35, and they are vigorous, enthusiastic and responsible. The international trade team is able to communicate with worldwide customers in different languages including English, Arabic, French, Farsi, etc. So, communication is no longer a barrier between us.