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    1. Single Side Hot Press for Furniture BoardFor single side hot press with bottom mounted oil cylinders, its production cost is reduced, but the production capacity is cut down as well because it is impossible to take advantage of the weight of hot platens to speed up the closing step. On the contrary ...
    1. Double Side Hot Press for Furniture BoardThe machine frame is of welded construction, and this scientific structure not only reduces the production cost, but also meets the requirements of design strength.
    1. Automatic Laminating LineThis assembly line comprises of different machines, and some optional devices could be installed to realize other functions if requested, such as brusher, vacuum loader, vacuum unloader, auto trimmer, cooling line, stacking device, etc.
    1. Multi-layer Hot Press for Door SkinIt functions like a molding press, but it actually makes use of hot platens to form the shape of door skins and add laminates on the door skins. This product is commonly used to bond veneer or melamine layer to the door skins surface in the manufacturing process of moulded door skins
    1. Door MouldsThe door moulds are designed to work together with multi-layer hot press to form the shape of melamine door skins through compression molding. Our professional design team is able to provide distinctive mould to best fit your applications, and you just need to offer relevant photographs of the door skins.
    1. Hot Press for Laminate FlooringThis product has several work cavities, and it is outfitted with a multi-layer infeed belt conveyor. Hence, double side pressing is realized in all work cavities, and the production efficiency is increased to a large extent.
    1. Flooring Cooling LineOur product is very necessary for floor production process because it could enhance the pressing efficiency of the heated platen press, thus improving the overall production capacity.
    1. Flooring Milling LineAfter painting, our product is applied to create tongue and groove without damaging the floor surface, making it especially suitable for manufacturing various kinds of joints.
    1. Flooring Cutting LineAfter common or moulded flooring panel are pressed into a desired shape, they are manually fed into a large panel saw to be cut into two or three pieces with predetermined length. Then, they are further processed by a high precision saw that is outfitted with guiding mechanism to get proper width.
    1. Flooring Packing LineThe heat shrink tunnel makes use of a new type of hot air circulation mechanism for the purpose of better packaging result. After some special retrofits, it fits perfectly for the shrink packaging of various kinds of floorings and wood products ...
    1. Molding Press for Door ProfileThe 450-900T molding press for door profile is very popular in China now. It works together with corresponding molds to fabricate door profiles and skirting boards.
    1. Molding Press for Plastic Filter Plate The upper work table moves downwards fast at the beginning, and then slows down steadily. After the mold is closed, pressure is increased gradually by the main oil cylinder to carry out molding operation.
    1. Molding Press for Wood PalletModel: MY500
      Max. pressure (kN): 5000
      Daylight opening (mm): ≤1000
    1. Hot PlatenThe hot platen mainly works as an attachment for hot platen press. It is manufactured from steel plates, and there are some internal holes. These drilled holes are used to contain hot medium for the purpose of thermal circulation.
    1. Stainless Steel Press PlateThe available pattern type contains many choices including mirror, matt, suede, embossing, crystal, wood, cloth, leather, stone, deep strip, V-groove, R-groove, surge wave, etc.
    1. Cushion PadThe cushion pad is an indispensable device for heated platen press. It is installed between hot platen and press plate to transfer heat and buffer pressure, thereby effectively prolonging the life span of press plate.
  • Paper Impregnation Line A special kind of glue is fabricated by mixing melamine resin, phenolic resin, urea and other chemical powders, and this glue is coated on the decorative paper. Then, the paper is dried by a dryer before cooling. In this way, impregnated paper is manufactured, and it is also known as melamine paper.
    1. Over Hot Water SystemOur product saves energy by 30%-40% when compared with vertical steam heating system, and different kinds of heating medium are applicable, such as steam, thermal oil, etc. In addition, the heating circulation starts at the temperature of 120°C.
    1. HPL Sanding MachineIt adopts a special structure to offer high precision, and the vibration is low though it is a heavy-duty machine. Our product makes use of PLC controller and human machine interface, while infrared belt tracking and AC stepless speed regulation are both realized.