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Over Hot Water System 

The over hot water system is the ideal heating and cooling device for heated platen press, and it is capable of precise heating and cooling circulations in the production process of HPL, plywood and insulating plate. The control center is equipped with leading-edge intelligent system which is characterized by logical and intelligent control.

This product is independently designed on the basis of advanced German technology which is thought highly of around the world. Due to the implementation of this technique, superior end product quality is guaranteed, making our product especially suitable for HPL.

1. The over hot water system realizes excellent heating and cooling effects for the platens. The accurate working performance ensures the quality of HPL, plywood and insulating plate, while increasing economic returns.

2. Our product saves energy by 30%-40% when compared with vertical steam heating system, and different kinds of heating medium are applicable, such as steam, thermal oil, etc. In addition, the heating circulation starts at the temperature of 120°C.

3. For this superheated water system, water realizes cyclic utilization, and this means water resource is saved to a large extent.

4. The heating system raises water temperature step by step in an accurate way, and the temperature is kept at one stage steadily. On the other hand, during cooling step, the temperature is reduced to a middle value and then to a low value gradually. So, the machine won’t get damaged due to sudden temperature change.

In summary, this over hot water system shows the advantage of even heating performance, uniform temperature distribution, precise temperature control and excellent energy conservation.

Working Flow
For this water heating system, the over hot water is produced through steam heating. However, if there is no steam boiler and thermal oil is used, a heat exchanger should be applied to raise the water temperature to a desired value.

During heating process, steam is used to heat water inside the high temperature tower to the required value, 180°C at most, thereby generating over hot water. Then, the superheated water is fed into heated platens by the circulating water pump. After circulation, water comes out from heated platens, and it is about 120°C. Then, it moves back to the high temperature tower to be heated by steam, making it applicable for the heated platen press again. In other words, this over hot water system is an energy-saving product.

As for cooling process, water in the middle temperature tower is pumped into heated platens, and the coming out water, with a temperature of 120°C or so, flows into the middle temperature tower with the help of circulating water pump. Moreover, the cooling water will be drained into the water pool if its temperature is below 80°C.

Under the condition that the platens need to be heated, hot water in the middle temperature tower enters into the platens to expel cold water inside, and the platen’s temperature is increased to 80-90°C. After that, over hot water in the high temperature tower flows into and heat the platens to the required temperature.

Equipment List
Item Specification Quantity
High temperature tower 40CBM, Ф2000×11000mm 1 set
Middle temperature tower 15CBM, Ф1600×7000mm 1 set
Pneumatic ball valve DN100 2 pcs
Pneumatic tee valve DN100 3 pcs
Pneumatic butterfly valve DN100 7 pcs
Safety valve DN50 2 pcs
Gate valve, check valve and other valves DN100, DN50 55 pcs
Hot water recycling pump 93m3/h 3 sets
Hot water recycling pump 130m3/h 3 sets
Water feeding pump 11/2GC, 5m3/h, 160m (lift), 7.5kW (power) 2 sets
Water cooling pump 100m3/h, 20m (lift), 15kW (power) 2 set
Plate heat exchanger 100m2, SUS 304 steel inside 1 set
Gasket for heat exchanger Complete kit 1 kit
Electrical cabinet for temperature control Touch screen, PLC, motor, cable 1 set
Pressure meter - 2 sets
Temperature meter - 2 sets
Pipes required for installation - -
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