Cushion Pad

The cushion pad is an indispensable device for heated platen press. It is installed between hot platen and press plate to transfer heat and buffer pressure, thereby effectively prolonging the life span of press plate.

Installation Position

Technical Parameters
Material Copper wire Copper wire and silicon rubber Copper wire and silicon rubber Copper wire and chemical fiber
Thickness 1.3~1.5mm 2.3~2.5mm 2.5~2.8mm 4mm
Unit weight 3000gsm 3600gsm 4000gsm 4600gsm
Performance Heat transfer: PAD-A>PAD-B>PAD-C>PAD-D
Cushioning effect: PAD-A
Service life: PAD-A
Price: PAD-A=PAD-B
Remark PAD-B and PAD-C are commonly used in heated platen press, while the other two aren’t.
  • PAD-A
  • PAD-B
  • PAD-C
  • PAD-D

Manufacturing Details for Cushion Pad
Raw Material
Material Place of origin Content Specification Remark
Silicone rubber German CVC 98% silicone rubber 104 (grade) Weft material
Oxygen-free copper wire China 98% copper Φ0.2±0.01 Weft material
Brass wire China 68% copper Φ0.2±0.01 Radial material
Semi-Finished Product
Material Specification Core session Tensile strength Elongation
Hot wire Φ0.2±0.05 12±0.5/10CM ≥2300CN ≥40CM
Brass Φ0.2±0.01/8 8±0.5/10CM - -
Finished Product Standard
Model Radial material Track density (10 cm) Weft (10cm) Weft material
HCD-X (twill) 0.20 brass ≥84 root ≥44 root High temperature silicone wire Φ2
Oxygen-free copper wire Domestic copper wire ≥84 root ≥33 root 100% copper
Product Data
Model Weight Thickness Temperature Pressure
PAD-C 4000±25gsm 2.15±0.5mm ≥240°C ≥4.0MPa
PAD-B 3600±20gsm 2.10±0.5mm ≥240°C ≥4.0MPa

Production Equipment

Raw Materials

Related Names
Cushioning Pad | Press Pad | Buffering Pad for Hot Press

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