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Stainless Steel Press Plate

The stainless steel press plate is designed for heated platen press to create different patterns on a large number of materials, such as HPL, MDF, HDF, plywood, PVC, particle board and more. The available pattern type contains many choices including mirror, matt, suede, embossing, crystal, wood, cloth, leather, stone, deep strip, V-groove, R-groove, surge wave, etc.

Installation Position

Technical Parameters for MDF
MDF size (foot) Applicable press plate Surface finish Glossiness of laminated board (degree) Glossiness of press plate (degree)
size (mm) thickness (mm)
4×8 1460×2660 4 or 5 Glossy 90~100 5000~6000
6×8 2000×2660 5 Matt 12~13 60~80
6×9 2000×2960 5 Suede 15~16 75~100
6×12 2000×4000 5 Embossing 20~30 100~180

Available Press Plate Data
1. Max. width: 2300mm
2. Max. length: 10000mm
3. Thickness range: 0.6~6mm
4. Etch depth: 0.03~2mm
5. Chrome thickness: 0.01~0.02mm

Texture Samples

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