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Hot Platen

The hot platen mainly works as anattachment for hot platen press. It is manufactured from steel plates, and there are some internal holes. These drilled holes are used to contain hot medium for the purpose of thermal circulation.

Technical Data
1. Heat carrier: Oil, water, or steam
2. Material: Q235B steel
3. Size: As requested by customer
4. Surface tolerance: 0.05mm/m2 (up to 0.015mm/m2)
5. Smoothness accuracy: Less than 1.8 microns (up to 1.6 microns)
6. Thickness tolerance: ±1mm
7. Diameter of internal cross holes: 25mm or 30mm
8. Distance between heat channels: 90mm
9. Alignment accuracy of channels: 0.033mm
10. Hydraulic pressure of welding gap: 30kg/cm2
11. Surface temperature uniformity: 3°C

Installation Position

Our company has introduced all the equipment that is necessary for the production process of hot platens, indicating that these heatable metal plates are completely manufactured in our factory without the help of others. Thus, the production cost is controllable, and the product price is very competitive on the world market.
1. The polishing machine is able to deal with heated platen with width of 3150mm and length of 12000mm at the most for one time.
2. The drilling machine is capable of drilling holes with length of 2500mm every time, and the length for the second drilling reaches up to 5000mm.

Production Flow
  • Leveling
  • Milling edges
  • Punching holes
  • Punching holes
  • Punching holes
  • Mortising
  • Weldign
  • Milling edges after welding
  • Grinding surface
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