1. Molding Press for Door ProfileThe 450-900T molding press for door profile is very popular in China now. It works together with corresponding molds to fabricate door profiles and skirting boards.
    1. Molding Press for Plastic Filter Plate The upper work table moves downwards fast at the beginning, and then slows down steadily. After the mold is closed, pressure is increased gradually by the main oil cylinder to carry out molding operation.

Brief Introduction
The molding press, also called oil press or hydraulic press, intrinsically takes advantage of the pressure supplied by the hydraulic system to make products in different shape, and this operation is conducted with the help of corresponding molds. Both cold and hot pressing are applicable, and this is up to the process requirements. For hot pressing, hot platens should be equipped to offer heat, while the molds just need to be installed directly for cold pressing.

The working pressure could be tailored to best fit every customer’s practical needs. Accordingly, the volume of oil reservoir, the thickness and design strength of machine frame should be changed with the pressure.

With appropriate molds and working tables, the molding press could be applied for a wide range of applications. Now, our product is commonly seen in the manufacturing process of a great deal of wooden, plastic and metal products, such as skirting board, door jamb, wood pallet, car trim, plastic filter plate, etc.

1. Mechanical System
a. The machine body is a metal frame entirely welded by Q235B steel.
b. The ram guide mechanism is adjustable right angle four square eight friction face type, and the lubrication device uses thickened oil to lubricate the guide rails.
c. The main cylinder contains five plunger cylinders, while four piston cylinders responsible for the return action are set on the upper beam. The cylinders are made from 45# forged steel, and hard chrome is coated on the surface of piston rods.

2. Hydraulic System
a. The hydraulic system of our molding press employs two-way cartridge valves which are characterized by small size, compact structure, low flow resistance, large flow, sensitive response, reliable performance, excellent sealing property and others. Moreover, this system realizes pressure maintaining and compensating functions.
b. The oil tank is welded by steel plates. On its cover plate, the oil leveler, air filter and valve manifold are arranged orderly.

1. Valve block
2. Electromagnetic relief valve
3. Pressure meters
4. Switch of pressure meters
5. Electromagnetic reversing valve
6. Pressure transducer
7. One-way valve
8. Hydraulic control one-way valve
9. Throttle block valve
10. Direct-acting relief valves
11. Electromagnetic reversing valve
12. Throttle block valve
13. Pilot relief valve
14. Electromagnetic reversing valve
15. Remote control relief valve
16. One-way valve

3. Electrical System
The molding press makes use of PLC controller to realize reliable electrical control. The electrical control cabinet is the place to install dynamic control components, including protection switch, leakage protector, start control devices for main power and motor, etc. Its remarkable sealing property keeps dust away from penetrating into the cabinet.

4. Operating System
Our compression molding press offers three operating modes which are adjustment, automatic and semi-automatic. For the semi-automatic mode, the operations are executed in the following sequence: ram fast down stroking – ram slow down moving and pressing – pressure maintaining of main cylinder – pressure release of main cylinder – ram return.

5. Safety System
There is a locking device at the up limit position of ram, while electrical interlock and tumbler type support are both applied. In this way, the operators are well protected from any potential danger when repairing molds.

Meanwhile, the emergency stop button offers a reliable and prompt way to shut down the molding press if anomaly occurs, and the hydraulic system is equipped with safety valves.