1. Hot Press for Laminate FlooringThis product has several work cavities, and it is outfitted with a multi-layer infeed belt conveyor. Hence, double side pressing is realized in all work cavities, and the production efficiency is increased to a large extent.
    1. Flooring Cooling LineOur product is very necessary for floor production process because it could enhance the pressing efficiency of the heated platen press, thus improving the overall production capacity.
    1. Flooring Milling LineAfter painting, our product is applied to create tongue and groove without damaging the floor surface, making it especially suitable for manufacturing various kinds of joints.
    1. Flooring Cutting LineAfter common or moulded flooring panel are pressed into a desired shape, they are manually fed into a large panel saw to be cut into two or three pieces with predetermined length. Then, they are further processed by a high precision saw that is outfitted with guiding mechanism to get proper width.
    1. Flooring Packing LineThe heat shrink tunnel makes use of a new type of hot air circulation mechanism for the purpose of better packaging result. After some special retrofits, it fits perfectly for the shrink packaging of various kinds of floorings and wood products ...

The laminate flooring production line involves several pieces of equipment as demonstrated below.
1. Boiler: It is used to provide necessary heat for the production process.
2. Hot press machine: The abrasion resistant overlay, decorative paper and balance sheet are pressed onto the HDF base board by this machine to form the floor board, and this operation is conducted at high temperature and high pressure. Moreover, all kinds of beautiful patterns can be created on the boards with the help of the stainless steel press plate.
3. Floor cooling line: Large floor boards are cooled down quickly, and their edges are trimmed.
4. Cross cutter: It cuts a large floor board into two halves in the transverse direction.
5. Multi-blade saw: It further cuts the board into many smaller parts, and the final size should be in accordance with customer’s requirements.
6. Floor milling line: The milling machine makes grooves, namely clicks, around the floor board for installation.
7. Floor packing machine: It overlays a plastic film on the outer side of the packages.

The laminate flooring production line could deliver satisfying performance to customers, and it is highly recommended.

Production Scene