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Hot Press for Laminate Flooring

This model of hot press is used for making laminated flooring, and it offers working pressure, ranging from 14,000kN to 28,000kN for different models. They are suitable for the hot forming process of laminate flooring whose base material is HDF, and a great number of surface textures are available, such as mirror, hand scraped look, embossed wood grain, synchronous wood grain, wave wood grain, V-groove, etc.

Laminate Flooring
Technical Parameters
Applicable wood size 1220×2440mm (4×8 feet)
Model YX1400 YX1800 YX2000 YX2400 YX2800
Max. pressure (kN) 14000 18000 20000 24000 28000
Specific pressure (kg/cm2) 47 60.5 67.1 80.6 94.1
Hot platen size (mm) 1400×2600×140
Main oil cylinder: diameter and quantity (mm×pcs) Φ340×6 Φ340×8 Φ360×8 Φ400×8 Φ420×8
Lifting oil cylinder: diameter and quantity (mm×pcs) Φ63×4 Φ63×4 Φ63×4 Φ80×4 Φ80×4
Thickness of frame (mm) 60 70 70 80 100
Daylight opening (mm) 200 200 200 200 200
Closing time (s) ≤3 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3
Max. oil pressure (Mpa) 25 25 25 25 25
Max. temperature (°C) 210 210 210 210 210
Weight of main body (T) 34 43 44 53 63
Dimensions of main body (m) 3.6×1.5×3.0 3.6×1.5×3.0 3.6×1.5×3.0 3.6×1.5×3.0 3.8×1.5×3.0

Recommended Process Parameters
1. The temperatures of upper and lower hot platens are often set at 202°C and 198°C respectively, and please refer to the curing temperature of applied melamine paper.
2. Under most conditions, the closing time is 30 seconds. For V-groove flooring, 40 seconds is recommended.
3. The pressure is kept at 18-20Mpa.

Dilemma of High Glossy Laminate Flooring Manufacturers
In recent years, high gloss flooring is becoming more and more popular on the world market due to its shining color and mirror-like surface. More importantly, its production technique only changes slightly while maintaining the low production cost. So, many flooring manufacturers start to make this kind of flooring.

However, high gloss flooring is different from common flooring. Accordingly, it has some unique requirements during production. For example, high gloss flooring needs lower temperature and longer dwell time when compared with common types. Moreover, common hot press usually has only one work cavity. As a result of the long closing time and one work work layer, the output is limited.

Our Solution
Given this, our company successfully develops this hot press for high glossy laminate flooring. This product has several work layers, and it is outfitted with a multi-layer infeed belt conveyor. Hence, double side pressing is realized in all work layers, and the production efficiency is increased to a large extent.

High Gloss Flooring

Best-selling Multi-Layer Hot Press for High Gloss Flooring

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