Door Moulds

The door moulds are designed to work together with multi-layer hot press to form the shape of melamine door skins through compression molding. Our professional design team is able to provide distinctive mould to best fit your applications, and you just need to offer relevant photographs of the door skins.

Installation Position

Technical Parameters
1. Material: 45# steel
2. Chrome-faced or not: The chrome-faced door moulds are used for melamine doors and veneered doors, while ones without chrome coating are only applicable for veneered doors.
3. Chrome thickness: 0.01~0.05mm
4. Max. texture depth: 5mm, 6mm or 8mm. This mainly depends on the thickness of raw board and should be clarified before ordering.
5. Texture: As requested
6. Size: 1150×2250×50mm, 1400×2600×50mm, and any other desired dimensions.
7. Surface finish: Usually within 130-140 degrees.
8. Logo: If customer’s logo needs to be processed onto the door skins, it should be engraved on the mould first. Under the condition that the order is of a large quantity, we can do this free of charge. Otherwise, 300 dollars are necessary for such a pair of moulds.

Related Names
Metal Moulds for Door | Door Slab Processing Attachment | Press Plate

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