1. Single Side Hot Press for Furniture BoardFor single side hot press with bottom mounted oil cylinders, its production cost is reduced, but the production capacity is cut down as well because it is impossible to take advantage of the weight of hot platens to speed up the closing step. On the contrary ...
    1. Double Side Hot Press for Furniture BoardThe machine frame is of welded construction, and this scientific structure not only reduces the production cost, but also meets the requirements of design strength.
    1. Automatic Laminating LineThis assembly line comprises of different machines, and some optional devices could be installed to realize other functions if requested, such as brusher, vacuum loader, vacuum unloader, auto trimmer, cooling line, stacking device, etc.

The short cycle hot press overlaps a layer of decorative paper on the base material to fabricate furniture board, floor board, door board and other decorative wood plates with various colors and patterns.

1. Mechanical System
a. Q235B steel is adopted to fabricate the machine body, and its remarkable toughness and castability contribute to the solid welding performance. Thus, our hot platen press is able to serve for a very long time. The steel is offered by Jiangsu Shagang Group which is a top-ranking steel supplier in China, so its quality is extremely assuring.

b. The machine frame is of welded construction, and this scientific structure not only reduces the production cost, but also meets the requirements of design strength.

c. During manufacturing process, the machine frame is machined by gantry planers for 8 times to improve the flatness of every surface. As a result, our machine exhibits outstanding flatness and parallelism, thereby ensuring uniform pressure distribution on the board surface. Accordingly, white speckles are less likely to show up on the finished board.

d. Inside the hot platens, there are four independent channels for thermal oil, and their temperatures could be finely adjusted separately to ensure the temperature uniformity. This helps to reduce white speckles and blistering to a large extent.

e. For this double side hot press, the no-load mold clamping precision is 0.1mm, and the clamping precision is 0.05mm if pressure is applied. Hence, the flatness of furniture panel is guaranteed.

2. Hydraulic System
a. The pressure compensating system stabilizes the working pressure all the time, thus preventing quality problems of finished boards which may be caused by pressure drop during dwell time.

b. The implementation of large-capacity cartridge valve or large-DN slide valve quickens the pressurizing step, indicating that the furniture boards are heated for a shorter time period when pressure is not applied. Thus, the end product shows improved quality, especially for the surface gloss.

c. The large-capacity prefill valve is able to promptly fill oil into the oil cylinder when the hot platens move down (before pressing). So, pressure will be applied and increased in a fast way after clamping, thus shortening the entire process time and improving the output capacity.

d. Our hot press has two methods for pressure sensing performance.

The first method is realized by a conventional pressure relay. It sets a fixed pressure value, and the hydraulic circuit is controlled by electric signals. This pressure relay is simple and effective, but the pressure needs to be set at a proper value which can be determined only after many times of time-consuming attempts.

The other type adopts novel analog pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is installed in the hydraulic circuit to timely detect the pressure of main oil cylinder, and the set value is controlled by the human machine interface. When the detected pressure reaches the set value, action is carried out. This method allows convenient operation and high control precision, making it an obviously better choice.

e. The hydraulic components are supplied by a renowned manufacturer in China, Beijing Huade Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. Other internationally famous brands are optional, such as Rexroth, YUKEN, ATOS, etc.

3. Electrical System
a. For this furniture board laminating machine, its electric cabinet has a layer of surface coating that is fabricated through electrostatic spraying process, and the coating materials are melted at 200°C and then coated on the steel plate. So, the surface layer not only possesses high hardness and good corrosion resistance, but is also easy to clean.

b. The electric cabinet of this hot press adopts ventilation design to offer good heat dissipation for the electrical components inside, thus prolonging the service life of the components. Moreover, sealing strips are applied on the back side of the cabinet to provide good sealing property. So, dust won’t penetrate into the cabinet, maintaining clean working environment for the electric circuits. In addition, the cabinet housing is of anti-electromagnetic interference, making it suitable for industrial use.

c. The electrical system makes use of a PLC controller to realize intelligent control, and it also contains digital human machine interface, servo control system, variable frequency speed control system, PID high precision close loop feedback control system, etc. Additionally, the touch screen is optional.

d. If requested, this double side hot press could be equipped with advanced infrared detection system to offer protections for operators.

e. The electrical components are all world-class products including Mitsubishi, Siemens, Schneider, Omron, etc. On the other hand, the pneumatic components are supplied by Festo, SMC, Air Tech and other companies.

The decorative paper contains melamine, and this chemical substance will be solidified after processed at high temperature and high pressure, thus conferring some remarkable properties on the end product, such as good stability, easy-to-clean, excellent resistance to wear, damp, heat, fire, moth,warpage, etc.

On the other hand, fiberboard is usually applied as the substrate, and it shows very strong plasticity. So, for the finished furniture board, its surface texture will be extremely vivid and artistic, while it also gives a feeling that the board seems to be made of ancient and solid wood though it is not.

With the help of our short cycle hot press, furniture boards are manufactured at a very economical price, and they can take the place of conventional solid wood.

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