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Single Side Hot Press for Furniture Board

Existed problems
For single side hot press with bottom mounted oil cylinders, its production cost is reduced, but the production capacity is cut down as well, because it is impossible to take advantage of the weight of hot platens to speed up the closing step. On the contrary, the weight of hot platens is a burden and needs to be overcome during work. So, the closing speed is very low, and its output is only about 75 percent of that of top mounted type.

People may wonder why not set oil cylinders on the top, just like top mounted hot press does. This is mainly for cost considerations. If so, the production cost of single side hot press is almost comparable to that of double side type, and this is obviously not practical.

Our Solution
The newly-designed single side hot press for furniture board is a perfect solution, and it becomes one of the most popular products on the market now. It adds lifting oil cylinders on the top to reduce the closing time, whist the up-acting negative pressure fastens the oil feeding speed into the oil cylinder. So, pressurizing is conducted immediately when the platens are closed. As a result, the production capacity is almost the same as that of top mounted hot press.

Our machine significantly enhances the productivity, while the cost is only increased slightly. Thus, it is a very cost-effective product.

This hot press is mainly used for the production of glossy, matt, pitted, embossed and other kinds of furniture boards. It deals with one side of the board every time, and it fits for single-sided and double-sided decorative boards, especially thin boards.

Our hot press is of compact and simple structure, so it is cheap and allows simple operation. This product is very economical, and it is the best choice for newcomers in furniture board industry.

Technical Parameters
Applicable board size 1220×2440mm (4×8 feet)
Model YX900 DN YX900 UP YX1200 YX1400 YX1600
Max. pressure (kN) 9000 9000 12000 14000 16000
Specific pressure (kg/cm2) 30.2 30.2 40.3 47.0 53.7
Hot platen size (mm) 1400×2600×70 1400×2600×130 1400×2600×140 1400×2600×140 1400×2600×150
Main oil cylinder: diameter and quantity (mm×pcs) Φ280×6 Φ280×6 Φ320×6 Φ340×6 Φ320×8
Lifting oil cylinder: diameter and quantity (mm×pcs) Φ63×2 Φ63×4 Φ63×4 Φ63×4 Φ63×4
Thickness of frame (mm) 50 50 50 60 65
Daylight opening (mm) 180 200 200 200 200
Max. oil pressure (Mpa) 25 25 25 25 25
Max. temperature (°C) 210 210 210 210 210
Main body weight (T) 23 24 27 31 35
Main body dimension (m) 3.5×1.9×2.8 3.6×1.9×2.9 3.6×1.9×2.9 3.6×1.9×2.9 3.6×1.9×2.9

Recommended Process Parameters
1. For this hot press, the hot platens are usually at 195°C, and please refer to the curing temperature of applied melamine paper.
2. Under most conditions, the dwell time is 18~20 seconds, and the pressure is within 15-18Mpa.

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